Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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THE 16-25 CLUB

The 16-25 Club was a social club fashioned after the former Cinderella Club. It was for young women of the age described by the name.

At that time there were many young women in the district: telephone operators, clerks, teachers, students and girls helping at home.

The club was formed about the end of 1946, but was in existence for only a short time. Eileen (Blondie) Rankmore was the president. It is thought that Ruth Humeston was the secretary-treasurer.

The first event planned was a Sweetheart Ball for Valentine''s Day. A great deal of work went into the plans and decorations to ensure its success.

The club''s greatest claim to fame was the putting on of Brookdale''s one and only Santa Claus parade. It was held on Saturday, Dec. 20,1947. The floats were: "Away in a Manger", "Old Woman in the Shoe", "Animal Land", and "Santa Claus".

After the parade a free lantern slide was presented to entertain the children at the school, and candy was given out. The homemade candy and costumes were all donated, and the following business people gave cash donations: T.A. Becker, W.P. Chudley, A.c. Lawrie, R. Charles, R. Chisholm, Wm. Dickson, R. Barrett, J. Mills, R. May, G. Owens, A. Ryder, W.J. Kinney, S. McCrae, H.B. Dennis. C. Warren, the M.T.S. staff, and D.R. Mitchell.

During the second year, the name of the club was changed to 15-26. When the founding member got married, interest died and the club ceased to exist.


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