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The Rainbow Circle, a young women''s organization, was formed early in 1930. It began at first as a very active group of single young girls and ladies. As the girls married, they remained in the group if they lived in the district. Of course some girls moved away. The group discontinued just before 1940 and had donated to the church through the 1930''s. They were a busy group with their special fund-raising projects such as putting on plays and concerts, whist drives, dances (novelty, masquerade and others) pie and box socials etc., besides having quilting bees. They were always ready to assist the Ladies'' Aid with their bazaars, fowl suppers and apron sales.

The girls held monthly meetings in their homes and had a membership of 15 or more. Their annual meetings with the elections of officers were held in December of each year.

In the fall of 1930 Edith Harburn was chosen as a delegate to represent the girls'' club at the Young People''s Conference at Portage La Prairie. In December 1935 the elected officers were: president - Catherine McKenzie, vice-president - Hazel Martin, secretary - Margaret Oliver (nee Mack), treasurer - Irene Boles, flower committee - Flo.

Boles and Agnes Carmichael.

On Saturday June 8, 1935 the Rainbow Circle celebrated its fifth anniversary at the home of Mrs.

Agnes Carmichael. The president, Dorothy Baker, welcomed the 63 guests among whom were members of the Ladies'' Aid and Mission Band. Ruth Faryon, Merle Oliver and Marjory May (nee Byram) were in charge of the program. In December 1936 the elected officers were: president - Hazel Mikkelsen, vice-president - Irene Boles, secretary - Catherine McKenzie, treasurer - Harriet Martin, flower committee - Dorothy Byram (nee Baker) and Ursula Boles.

Some of the other members were: Vera Martin, Hazel Carmichael, Edith Bee, Marjorie Robertson, Ina Mikkelsen, Mary Christiana, Flo and Charlotte Boles, and some teachers; Mary North, Ruth Cassidy, and Ruth Faryon. Probably there were others whose names were not mentioned to me.

What a golden opportunity, these young ladies, single or married, had to learn how to conduct meetings, to organize fund-raising projects, to work with others. Actually they were well prepared for the day when they would become members of different organizations, especially the Ladies'' Aid group.


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