Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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From 3RS to Computer Science

As the title suggests education in the district progressed with the demands of the times. The one-roomed schools were effective when most of the graduates became farmers on a relatively small scale or married farmers.

The school environment developed strong, self-reliant, literate persons who were well able to cope with life.

Radios, televisions, newspapers, wars have broadened the peoples'' outlooks. Today the choice of careers is so varied it is amazing. Schools must provide flexibility and variety in the curriculum, and professional teachers in specific areas. Beautiful Plains School Division is providing and maintaining excellent standards to meet the new needs.

There shall be separate buildings for boys and girls respectively. The buildings shall be erected in the rear of the school house at least 10 feet apart, their entrances facing in opposite directions. From the Report of Superintendent of Protestant School in Manitoba, 1886.


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