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Lieutenant Angus Campbell Lawrie received the Military Cross for his part in the Battle of Estuary. He was''decorated by King George VI.

Lieutenant Lawrie was born June 14, 1912 in Brookdale, Man.

The citation is as follows; On October 16,1944 at Biezen, Holland, during the battle for the southern side of the Scheidt Estuary Lieutenant Lawrie commanded an infantry platoon in a house clearing operation, the platoon was to clear the houses on the left side of the road and another platoon was to clear those on the right side. It was a dawn operation and was designed to enlarge the bridgehead over the Leopold Canal.

Lieutenant Lawrie, leading his own platoon gained his objective, he saw that the other platoon was in difficulty and went back and crossed the street which was under heavy mortar and machine gun fire. He found the platoon commander had been killed, the sergeant wounded, and that the platoon was without a leader and badly disorganized.

Lieutenant Lawrie gathered together the remnants of the platoon and reorganized them into a fighting unit. He then led them into the attack on the strong enemy position, defeated the garrison of approximately 40 Germans and gained the company objective.

By outstanding leadership, devotion to duty, example to the men in both platoons, and gallantry under fire Lieutenant Lawrie was largely instrumental in assuring the success of his operation. The citation concludes. Lieutenant Lawrie was promoted to Captain soon after. His wife is Mrs. Ruth Lawrie of Neepawa Man.


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