Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Brookdale gave a warm welcome to the men who have returned from overseas on Friday evening when they were entertained at a banquet in the community hall. About 60 men were present consisting of a large number of veterans, members of the local Dragoons and the welcome committee, AW. Moffatt, acted as toastmaster and proposed the toast to the King. He then called for a moment''s silence in honor of two men who were killed overseas. FIt. Sgt. Henry Slezak and LAC. Richard Wilman. The toast to the returned men was proposed in a brief address of welcome by Rev.

H.T. Smith and responded to by A.L. Curtis, a veteran of the Boer War. Captain AC. Lawrie, M.C., and Capt. AC. Chudley, M.M., of the local Dragoons. R.H. Curll offered a vote of thanks to the ladies who had served supper.

The hall was filled to capacity for the evening entertainment, the chair was occupied by Rev. H. T.

Smith and a program of musical items was rendered by members of the Dragoons together with W.

Book, Misses Marion Mitchell, Marie Chudley, Helen Jardine and Mrs. Irma Condie with Miss Vera McCullough and Miss M. Ishenberg as pianists.

On behalf of the community, Lester McLeod made the following presentations: To Mr. and Mrs.

John Slezak in memory of their son who was killed overseas, a case of silverware. A similar case of silver is being sent to Mr. and Mrs. Wilman in memory of their son, LAC. Bud Wilman, who was killed in an accident in France.

Pen and pencil set was given to each of the following who enlisted from Brookdale for active service: N.S. Lt. Nellie Harburn, Capt. AC. Lawrie, M.C., Pte. H. Hunter, Sergt. F. Hunter, Pte. R.

Hunter, Wireless Coder Don Charles, Pte. John Tilley (R.AM.C.), AB. Ray Tilley, Pte. Esben Anderson, Sgt Dave Tilley, Pte. Alf. Evans, Cpl. C.

Burridge, Pte. Alan, Brown, Pte, Robb Ramsay (R.AM.C.), Trooper W. Jones, Sgt. W. Dennis, Pte. Rus. Garbutt, PO. Arthur Evans, Sgt. A Wilson, WOo Geo. Dennis, Pte. Norman Curie, LAC. R. Mikkelson, Cpl. C. Hunter, Sgt. Tom Tilley, Pte. Lou Vinthers, Pte. Eldon McDonald.

A special service of welcome will be held on Sunday, February 24, in Brookdale church.

There are two lakes in Northern Manitoba which were officially approved on April IS, 1975, as Lake alstead, named in honor of the late Pilot Officer George J. alstead and Lake Slezak, named in honor of the late Flight Sergeant Henry Slezak.

The Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names honors service men who have given their lives during the Second World War.


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