Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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ENLISTED VETERANS 1914-1918 Honor Roll Brookdale Methodist Church Burgess, R. McQuarrie, A.

Cariss, F. Meridith, D.

Chudley, A. Cleave Meridith, R.

Clarke, F. Minton, J.

Clarke, W. Morden, R.

Farrer, H. Phillip. T.

Gowan, Charles Platt, G.

Grant, J. Thompson, E.

Haywood, J. Webb, H.E.

Leather, C.

Leather, H.

ENLISTED VETERANS 1939-1945 Honor Roll Brookdale United Church Andersen, Esben Brandon, Merrill Brown, Alan Burridge, Cecil Carter, Richard Charles, Donald Curle, Norman Dennis, William Dennis, George Evans, Alfred E.

Evans, Arthur J.

Garbutt, Russell Harburn, Nellie Hunter, Clifford Hunter, Frank Hunter, Hiram Hunter, Orville Hunter, Robert Jones, Frank Jones, William Lawrie, Angus Lawrie, Robert P.

McDonald, Eldon McLean, Herbert Meridith, D.

Mikkelsen, Ejnar Mikkelson, Robert Peters, John Ramsay, W. Robb Ross, Wallace Simpson, Francis Stewart, Roland Tilley, Dave Tilley, John Tilley, Raymond Tilley, Tom Vinthers, Louis Vinthers, Norman Wilson, Albert SUPREME SACRIFICE 1914-1918 Farrer, N.

Mallory, B.

Meridith, R.

McRea, A.

Payne, P.

Roberts, J.

Webb, W.H.

1939-1945 Slezak, Henry Wilman, Richard INGELOW ROLL OF HONOR 1914-1918 Ames, Charles Farquer, Jack Ford, Ern Fraser, Ken Lawrence, John Mitchell, Jim 1939-1945 Fox. W.J.

Harburn, Nellie Hill, Wally Mikkelsen, Einar Redding, John Watson, Hillard Watson, Russel Wilman, Richard ROLL OF HONOUR WORLD WAR I Gordon Methodist Church Carlin, Frederick Chisholm, Joseph Chisholm, Marcus Cram, Frederick Drayson, Charles D.

Drayson, Percy Grassie, Harold H.

Grassie, Morley J.

Harrison, Ernest Hockin, Andrew B.

Hockin, Charles Heber Ironmonger, Robert Laidlor, Joseph N.

Lassiter, Arthur Marsh, J. Albert McCall, John Morden, Robert Murray, Frederick C.

Murray, Harvey R.

Olson, Karol Sirett, T. Ebenzer Stonehouse, Victor G.

Thompson, Harold Walker, John J.

Whiteman, Archibald Whiteman, George Whiteman, Lorney Williamson, Reginald SUPREME SACRIFICE Chisholm, Marcus Hockin, Andrew B.

ROLL OF HONOUR WORLD WAR II Gordon Methodist Church Banyard, Charlie Barsby, Charles Barsby, Raymond Bremner, Francis Brown, Sidney Coleman, Martin Davidson, Douglas Drayson, Gerald Drayson, Herbert Drayson, Mervin Drayson, Wilbur Harrison, Rex James, Margaret Jones, Frank Martin, Bill McLaughlin, Fred Milne, Tom Nowitski, Frank Seaborn, Harry Seaborn, Len Shirritt, Bill Sirett, Ebb Strohman, Fred Webb, George Hart, Alvin Hart, Jack Hockin, Charles Heber Hockin, Douglas James, Kenneth Webb, Jim Webb, Tom Williamson, Harvey Williamson, Rex Woods, William FOR KING AND COUNTRY Oberon United Church 1914-1918 Holdershaw, Wilbur McRae, Sandy Frost, Jack Harris, Walter 1939-1945 Adam, Robert N.

Alexander, Glenn S.

Alexander, Percy W.

Bee, Clinton H.

Byram, Clair S.

Carmichael, John A.

Essar, Mathieu Kirkness, James B.

Laudrum, Ernest H.

Laudrum, George H.

Mack, Austin A.

Mack, John S.

Marshall, Jack J.

Martin, Clarence J.

McIntosh, Allen McIntosh, Norman Mikkelson, Robert Scott, Orville L.

Servant, Robert J.

Slezak, Henry M.

Thompson, Henry Thompson, John G.

White, Lloyd F.


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