Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The sports grounds in Brookdale are on the two school grounds. The old school grounds are surrounded by a beautiful grove of spruce trees. In May 1925, the tree business was discussed by the Board of Trustees. Mr. Ken Boles offered to plant spruce trees for 50q: per tree (75q: if he would guarantee a living tree). It was moved by Mr. Wm.

Davidson, seconded by Mr. Lou Mikkelson they accept Mr. Boles'' offer to plant spruce trees, one rod apart, at 50q: a tree. On June 20, 1925 Mr.

Boles was paid $87.50 for 175 spruce trees planted by Mr. Boles, BillEvans Jr. as a helper.

In May 1926, the question of planting more trees was discussed by the School Board. It was moved by Mr. Alex Rogers, seconded by Mr. O.W.

McDonald that they plant another row of trees and Mr. Boles was asked ifhe would do this, and replace 26 that had died. Mr. Boles agreed but when he went to get the trees he was unable to get into where they were until July 15. He agreed to dig them and if they died, to replace them. It does not say in the minute book just when those trees were planted, but on May 28, 1927, Mr. Boles was paid $117.50 for planting trees. In May 1929 Mr. Boles replaced 30 trees and was paid $15.00.

In May 1939 the trustees again discussed replacing the dead trees, but decided to wait and get them replaced the same time as the spruce were planted around the cemetery.

It must be mentioned here that with the tender loving care given those trees by the caretaker, Mr.

Wm. Borland, many of those trees survived. He spent many, many hours scufflingand hoeingthem and due to this care, the spruce grove around the old school ground stands today. Bob Mikkelson recalls spending many hours riding a horse pulling the scuftler for Mr. Borland.

The trees have provided shelter over the years, for the school children playing on the grounds. Even now on a very windy day, the school children go to the old grounds to play. These grounds provide space for the many baseball games played over the years, and are still being used for this purpose.

This spruce grove provides shelter for the Drop-In Centre, the skating rink, curling rink and community hall which is under construction. The annual ball tournament uses both school grounds.

Many bring campers and camp in the shade of the trees.

Trees have been planted around the new school grounds, but many have died out. The new grounds are used for ball, as wellas a playground for the school children. It is to be hoped that the trees willagain be planted and in the future it too willbe a beautiful playground for the Brookdale Community.


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