Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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In the late 40''s and early 50''s Brookdale had a men''s hardball team. At first Mentmore players played on the team and Ingelow had a separate team. Then the Mentmore players joined Neepawa and Springhillteams and the Ingelow club disbanded with some of the players joining the Brookdale team.

There was no league at the beginning. Games were played against neighbouring teams. The club also took in all surrounding sports days. Perhaps there was a sort of league near the end as I remember scheduled games against Gregg and Carberry.

The personnel of the team varied from year to year. Following is a list of the players I remember and if I have forgotten anyone I apologize: Keith, Ron and Bob Blenkhorne, Alf Evans, Don Fraser, Gordon Daly, Thory Chapman, Roger Hoey, Charlie McLeod, Ron Jardine, Bill Jones, Stewart McDonald, Ken Mitchell, Roland Stewart, Glen Taylor, Bob and Walter Tilley.


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