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concerned about education. On August 5, 1882, the school district of Auburn No. 146 was formed - sorry to say that the exact building date of the school is not known. The little old schoolhouse was first situated north of Haskett''s crossing. It was built just northeast of George Chisholm''s present home on N.W. 27 -12-15. The original structure was still a part of the Auburn School at the time of its closure in June 1967.

The only register to be found now covers the years 1887-1893. Forty-five names had been put on the roll in those years with ages varying from five to 17 years.

In those days the schools were usually open from April to December (depending on the weather) with one or two weeks of holidays in July, August or September. Auburn changed its session to the present set-up around 1909 or 1910.

In 1899 school began on May 10 with 12 days vacation July 5-17 and ending on September 29 (11 pupils on register). School was closed one day because a funeral was held there. In 1900 the teacher was hired for the period May 16 to November 16 with a vacation of seven school days in the first part of September (15 pupils on the roll). On June 6, 1901 schools were closed on account of a heavy snowstorm. The next week there were heavy rains - no school! Most of the children walked or rode in buggies - even horseback. In 1902 school began May 7 - vacation was July 21 to 29 - finished December 3 (13 pupils were registered). In the 1880''s, 1890''s and 1900''s the school year was divided into two parts - first half (January 1 to June 30) and second half (July 2 to December).

In 1903 school started on April 7 with five pupils attending the first two weeks - vacation of two weeks in July - some pupils didn''t go until the first week in June. In 1904 school opened on May 9 - vacation was July 15 to August 2 - closed on December 2. In 1905 sessions began May 15 - vacation was the third week in September - closed on December 15. In late 1901 or early 1902 the school was moved to a new location (SW 27-12-15) beside the present Carberry Road (now Highway 5) just west of the late Lyle Thorn''s buildings. In 1908 it was again moved, this time to the village of Oberon, still retaining its name of Auburn. In spite of its age and moves, it was still in good condition, warm and modern. In 1908 school started March 1 with holidays in July and back to the books the first week in August through to December 14. It was located in the village at that time.

In 1952 the increased enrolment necessitated an addition of 16 feet on the south end of the building.

In 1967 (June) low enrolment forced the school to close. The district then joined Carberry Consolidated School District - it was really divided with elementary children going three ways - to Carberry, Brookdale and Neepawa. Later, the Oberon district bought the schoolhouse for one dollar from North Cypress Municipality for corn munity activities.

In the fall of 1977 George Bee purchased that school and moved it to its fourth site on his farm where it now serves as a workshop.

Three generations of the Alexander family attended the Auburn School through the years - William Jr. in the late 1880''s. His wife, Ethel (nee Arbuckle) also attended that school in the 1890''s.

William and Ethel''s children: Merle, Forrest, Percy, Glen and Laura attended from 1914 to 1936, and lastly, Forrest''s family: Diane, Dear! and Sheila from 1947 to 1963. Back in the 1880''s and 1890''s the classes were called "standards", not "grades" as of today.

Auburn S.D. Teachers Olive Campbell (196367), Patricia Peace (1%163) Joyce Prawdzik (1959-61), Phyllis Hockin (195759) Muriel Thorn (1957, Jan-June), Gladys Thorn (1955- Dec. 1956) Leora Goodwin (1954-55), Grace Oliver (1953-54) Joyce Richards (1950-53),Muriel Drysdale (Nov. 1949-50) Ivy Stanners (fall 1949), Lena Penner (1948-49) Dorothy Johnson (1947-48), Margaret McDougall (spring 1947) Marion Mitchell (fall 1946),Phyllis Lowe (1945-46) Susan Menzies (Jan. 194045), Ruth Calvert (1937Dec.

1939) Helen McKay (1936-37), Marjorie Udey (Feb. 1935-36) Ruth McKee (1932-Jan. 1935), Florence Hicks (1931-32) Ruth Cassidy (1930-31), Jean Hood (1928Dec. 1929) Esme White (1926-28), Margaret Masson (spring 1926) Flo Winn (fall 1925), Flo. Korman (1924-25) Gladys Frank (1922-24),Myrtle Byram (spring 1922) Hazel Rogers (fall1921),Bessie Bedford (spring 1919-21) Jean Buckland (1918), year 1917 with 3 teachers, W.E.

Rowan, Flo. Lewis, Lilian Wherrett: Grace Raynor (1916-11 months), V. Dusden (Dec. 1916), Flo Cruickshanks (spring 1915), Robina Chisholm (fall 1915), Belle Ross (fall 1914), Nellie H. Mclaughlin (fall 1911 - June 1912) Jean Rogers (July and Aug. 1911) Estella McManus (spring 1911) Jean Whyte (1910),Annie Mackie (1909),Hazel Perkins (1908) Laura Kines (1906), Tena McIntosh (1905), Jean Rutherford (1904), Ada M. Steen (1903), Lyley Browne (1902), Edna McGill (1901), Elspeth MacLean (1900), Annie Playfair (1899), Eva Salter (1896), W. Boddy (1893), Miss Letch (1889) Registers not available for the missing years.

Those who served as trustees of Auburn School: F. Alexander (1961-67), R. Baker (1965-1%7) J. Jakubowski (1%2-1%7), E. Poole (1957-1964) F. May (1957-1961, 1953-1955, 1944-1947) E. Thorn (1955-1960),A. Oliver (1947-1950) L. Thorn (1951-1952), A. May (1952-1954), C. Oliver (1936-40, 1942-47) Mac Mikkelsen (1940-1944, 1946-1950), Lorne Mikkelsen (1953-1956), N. McKenzie (1950-52, 1956) Marj. Mikkelsen (1948-1950), Harry Byram (Jan-April 1951) In January 1948, the school''s annual meeting dates were changed from July to January. Prior to that date, the meetings were always held in July.

T. McKenzie (1937-46), R. Laudrum (1932-42) A. Baker (1933-36,1922-25), N. Mikkelsen (1926-28, 1918-21, 1908-10) J.R. Dennis (1926-32), C. Boles (1928-33) Wm. Alexander (1915-16, 1923-36, 1931-37) J.J. Oliver (1914-18,1924-27), Geo. Byram (1920-23) M. May (1915-22, 1928-31), Jas Olstead (1921-24, 1927-28) A Batchelor (1925-26) Others who served but their exact years of service are not known: H. Tyerman, J. Holdershaw, Mikael Mikkelsen, Al McDonald, AW. Blackwell, Jas. McDonald, L.

Hummerston, Robt. Freeborn, Wm. Servant, Thos.

Freeborn, A Beaton, W. Dickinson and many others about whom we do not know.

Auburn Secretary-Treasurers J.D. Watts (1958-1967), Wm. Plowman (1948-1958), Neil McKenzie (July 1942 to 1947), Clare Oliver (1940-42), J.R. Dennis (1929-1940), Frank Radcliffe (1920-1929), Jas. alstead (1915-1920) Others who served in early years were: Geo.

Brown, John Holdershaw, Jas. MacDonald, Alex.

Donald, Wm. Servant, Thos. Freeborn, Wm.

Dickinson, R. Freeborn and probably others who filled that position in the first years of the school''s existence.

Auburn School caretakers were: Forrest and Margaret Alexander (1937-1938, 1943-1952, 1958- 67), Wm. and Merle Plowman (1952-58), Ernie Laudrum (1939-43) Reg. Laudrum (1915-22, 1935- 37, 1943), T. Dennis (1938-39, 1934-35, 1932-33), J. Kenney (1933-34), F. Radcliffe (1922-29), W.S.

Byram (1929-32) In the early years, the older boys of the school or their parents would look after the cleaning and the lighting of the fires.

Auburn School 1922-23 Gr.1 Hutton Christison, Irene Boles, Vivian alstead, Grace Oliver, Robert May, Austin Mack, Roy Baker, Rosalie Black Gr. 2 George alstead, Tommy Dennis, James Christison Gr. 4 Percy Alexander, Merle Oliver, Glen Alexander, Dorothy Baker, Laura Mikkelsen, Earle Thorn, Willie Christison Gr. 5 Forrest Alexander, Vera alstead, Margaret Mack Gr. 6 Arnold May, Jean Mikkelsen, Willie Bee Gr. 8 Merle Alexander, Edith Black Teacher - Gladys Frank (the late Mrs. L. Thorn) Auburn School- Last enrolment - June 1967 Gr. 1 Bernard Jakubowski, Robert Laminman Gr. 3 Myrna Poole, Dennis Jakubowski Gr. 6 Katherine Baker, Raymond Poole Gr. 8 Joe Jakubowski Teacher - Olive L. Campbell of Neepawa


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