Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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In 1981Garth Christison and Don Rea organized a boys'' team for hardball 10 and under and 16 and under. A girls'' team for softball had been organized before.

In 1983Wayne Vince was named president and Karen Fiskel secretary-treasurer.

The coaches for boys were: 1981 - Don Rea 10 and under, 1982 - Wayne Vince 10 and under 1983 - Wayne Vince and Lewis Pohl12 and under'' 1984 - Wayne Vince 12 and under, 1985 - Lewis PohI 12 and under. The coaches for 16 and under boys were: 1981- Garth Christison, 1982- Garth Christison, 1983- Garth Christison, 1984- Lewis Po hI. The coaches for girls'' softball 12 and under were: 1981 - Connie Thorn, 1982 - Connie Thorn, 1983 - Karen Fiskel, 1984 - Niki Thorn, 1985 - Connie Thorn.

One year there was an older girls'' team, Ruth McDonald and Shirley Chudley looked after them.

Each team had approximately 12 players· drawing the players from Wellwood and Hallboro to make enough players.

The teams played against Douglas, Justice, Forrest, Minnedosa, Bethany, Rapid City and Hazelwood.

The girls'' and boys'' teams worked to raise money for new ball uniforms. They raised money by selling tickets and having ball tournaments in 1983, 1984 and 1985.

One year (about 1975) Murray McDonald and Brian McMullan coached a boys'' team. The uniforms were donated by the Neepawa LO.O.F. Lodge.

These uniforms were used by the girls after there was no boys'' team.

With the assistance of the local businesses community club and some individuals we were able to start our ball teams and fix up the ball fields.


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