Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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School children began curling many years ago. Eva (Kinney) Jewel remembers curling on open air rinks with jam pails for rocks. After the rink was built, a school bonspiel was held each winter with the older pupils skipping the rinks which were drawn from all but the very young children. The final day was always on a Saturday and was a very exciting day for the school pupils.

During the early 50''s the school sent rinks to take part in the High School Bonspiel in Winnipeg, held during the Christmas holiday. In contacting some of the boys who went, they were found to have rather short memories as to who went or "when". Some who did go were: Roy Hockin, Barry Strohman, Lloyd Mitchell, Ian Dickson, Walter Lottin, Stan Wiezbinski, Doug Chudley, Wilson McKee, Charles Swanson, Jim Switzer, BillJardine, Dan Jardine, Grant Jardine, and Don Bartz.

After the high school was taken to Neepawa, the rinks were made up of boys from the collegiate with perhaps only one Brookdale boy on a rink. In 1977 a rink composed of Grant Jardine, Ken Stewart, John Zeke and Barry Nelson, was in the quarter finals of the Dan Davidson Event. In 1978 Grant Jardine again took part in the bon spiel with Barry Husak, Don Bartz and Robert Le Boutillier as members of the rink.

In 1984 a Senior High School bonspiel was held in Boissevain and the rink made up of Kelly Bonnett, Donald McKee, Carey Chudley and Glen Swanson won the finals for Western Manitoba.


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