Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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I went to the Winnipeg School Boys'' bon spiel for two or three years. Dad would take us to Carberry to catch the bus. Once in Winnipeg, we would take a taxi to and from our games. We stayed at the St. Regis Hotel as did many other fellows from the rural area. The first year was very exciting as we had not been on our own before. We were on top of the world riding around in the taxi every day. The drivers always gave us a good deal as they would not start the meter until they had travelled a few blocks or would shut the meter off before arriving at the curling rink. We made a lot of new friends and had a ball in the hotel. We could not afford, nor did we need, liquor or drugs. We had too much fun and excitement to be bothered with them. We were kept busy from early morning to late evening as we often had to travel across the city to get to the rink where we curled.

We were not always well behaved, as I can recall curling up and down the hallways with grapefruit and oranges. There were many pillow fights which usually ended up with something being broken, usually a lamp. Water fights would start and many water filled balloons were pushed through the transoms to break on the floor of the "opponent''s" room.

The best game we had was in 1952 as per photo. We had won several games and met Carman going into the prizes. Mr. Bill Dickson came to Winnipeg to watch that particular game and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He was impressed with the way we curled. I can only remember curling with Ian Dickson, Wilson McKee and Jim Switzer.

You will notice that the brooms were about as wide as they were long. We wore overshoes and took one off to throw our rocks. We did not have sliders or curling shoes. We wore leather boots or felt boots with leather soles.

Going to the "big city" of Winnipeg was very important to us and we almost forgot about Christmas in the excitement of getting ready.


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