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After World War II hockey escalated with good intermediate action along with active fun filled hockey being encouraged in school. Many will remember the house league school teams and the weiner and bean feeds at the end of the season.

There was a lot of enthusiasm after the new rink was built with rivalry between local towns Brookdale, Mentmore, Wellwood and Justice.

Rev. Gordon Daly coached a Pee Wee hockey team that won a tournament in Neepawa where 19 teams participated - 1950-51.

An interesting hockey feature of the 50''s was the Neepawa Rural tournament with Brookdale being quite competitive and winning its share.

Brookdale tops minor hockey tourney in 1966 from the Neepawa Press - Neepawa Elks Tom Thumb tournament played in Neepawa on Saturday saw some fine performances displayed by the youngsters. In the 10 and under series, Neepawa defeated Arden 4-10. Neepawa goals were scored by M. Pearson, T. Nebbs, N. Cameron and Smith.

The only penalty was to M. Pearson. In the second game Brookdale defeated Gladstone 5-0.Brookdale goals were netted by Blair Hume 3, Raymond Reidle 2. Brookdale and Neepawa then met in the final game and Brookdale emerged the winner 2-0,which gave them the 10and under trophy presented by Ed Bell.Brookdale goals were scored by Wayne Nelson and Raymond Reidle. The Brookdale team was made up of: Weldon Poole, Kelly Poole, Barry Nelson, Lome Fraser, Wayne Nelson, Raymond Hume, Blair Hume, Randy Turner, Ray Drysdale, Garth Christison, Bobby McKinnon, Brian Nelson and Raymond Reidle.Coach Bob Drysdale, Manager Orville Hume.

In the 12 and under series Brookdale defeated Arden 8-1. Brookdale goals were scored by Bob Shamanski 3, Lome Smart 2, BillieNelson, Keith White and Ray Poole. Arden''s goal was netted by L.

Connor. The second game saw Neepawa defeat Gladstone 10-3. Gladstone goal getters were: D.

Ferguson 2, B. Stewart 1. Neepawa goals were scored by: K. Clark 3, R. Horne 3, G. McKelvy 1, L.

Buchanan 1, R. Brydges 1, and G. Coulter 1.

Neepawa penalty was to N. Martin. In the finalgame of the night Brookdale proved too much for the local boys and came out winners by a score of 5-0.

Brookdale goals were by: Bob Shamanski 2, Terry Reidle 1,Larry Fisher 1, and Bruce Mitcheill. With this winwent the Tom Thumb trophy presented by Don Murray. Brookdale Team was made up of: Raymond Poole, Bruce Mitchell, Larry Fisher, Neil Jardine, Melvin Hume, Murray McDonald, Billy McLeod, Alex Christison, Wayne Nelson, Terry Reidle, Bert McDonald, Dale Jones, BillyNelson, Keith White, Lome Smart, Bob Shamanski and Allan Hockin. Manager - Orville Hume and coach - Ted Dennis.

Later the Intermediates hockey moved into the Inter-Ridge league as some of the other local teams folded. Brookdale participated for about 4-6 years.

Then our local teams started to run out of players in the early 60''s.

WhileEwart Hudson was a teacher at Brookdale he involved himself in most sports as a coach or participant. He coached both baseball and hockey, and while coaching hockey the Bantam A.B. - 15 years and under team reached the semi-finals in 1962 or 63. They played Rivers and then on to Sperling for the final games. They had a very close game but could not get the goals they needed to bring home the championship. Some of the players on this team were: Ed and Ron Redlin, Harold and Glen Stewart, John Inverarity, Clare Swanson, Connor McDonald. While Ewart Hudson was teaching at Brookdale he invented a game called "Tenkey" . It was played on a soccer field in the summer and on ice in the winter. They gave many demonstrations as to how the game was played.

One of these demonstration games was played in the Brandon Arena just before a Wheat King hockey game.

Meanwhile minor hockey was expanding with the families of returned veterans coming into the age of skating and hockey. Most boys played some hockey with varying skills. During the 60''s as intermediate hockey waned the minor teams were expanding their territories as they participated in provincial playdowns and gave a pretty good account of themselves in the process.

Minor Hockey - Brookdale 10and under were champs. The Brookdale entry in the Spruce Woods Minor Hockey League''s 10and under division, won the championship of their group when they defeated Carberry two straight in a best of three series. Ryan McDonald was a big gun for the winners, scoring two goals in each game and also coming up with an assist. In the first engagement on March 6, the score was 3-2, with Ryan scoring two goals and assisting on one by Perry Peters. Ian Matthews and Rick Robertson each scored for Carberry, both unassisted. The second game, March 9, proved just as close, with McDonald getting both Brookdale markers, being assisted on one by T. Martin.

Carberry''s lone tally'' came from Tom Cox, on an assist from Ian Matthews.

One individual hockey highlight of this decade was the success of Bill Mikkelson. After playing minor hockey in Brookdale and being added to a Wellwood team when it competed in the Bantam playdowns, he then joined Brandon Wheat King Midgets who won the Provincial Midget Championship. Next year with the Deloraine Junior B''s they were Junior BProvincial champions. Then Billspent two years with the Winnipeg Junior Jets where he became their captain. Being picked by Los Angeles Billspent his first year with Springfield and that year they won the American Hockey League. After his second year with the King''s he played two years with the New York Islanders, then spent some time with Baltimore before a year with the Washington Capitols. Billfinished out his active hockey career playing in Germany.

Minor hockey continued strong but around 1970 midget age player numbers started to slip and most of the really interested players went on to bigger centres. About this time we had 41 players registered in three age groups 14''s, 12''s, and lO''s playing in the Spruce Wood League along with MacGregor, Austin, Carberry and Wellwood.

Carberry and MacGregor with their larger numbers were pretty tough competition but still Brookdale came through with several league championships.

,.. ,.. ,..

Minor hockey of Brookdale by R. Vince - In the last few years there have not been enough boys in an age group to play organized hockey or to play in a league. So boys who wished to play hockey have gone to Neepawa or Carberry.

From here on it was downhill in numbers as teams dropped to two and for several years to one team. Quite a few of these former local players are still playing competitive and recreational hockey in bigger centres likeNeepawa, Carberry or wherever life''s journey has taken them. We hope and are quite sure they will be enjoying this pastime at whatever level.

As we paddle our way through life''sgreat sea of sports we find out the benefits of team participation.

One always runs into former team members or members of opposing teams and at these times conversation often drifts back to events revolving around games played in the past which bring back fond memories. Many of these played in our present rink but also for many in the older open air rinks of the past. With all these fond memories we must thank all the folks (and there are far too many to name) whose priority it was to help provide the opportunity in the form of facilities, instruction and transportation for all who cared to take part and enjoy one of our winter recreations. Also a chance to enjoy one of Canada''s great sports in our little arena we can call home BROOKDALE.


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