Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The Belton School District No. 370 was formed on February 5, 1885 and the school was located on the southwest corner of 16-13-16. Some of the people living in the area and served by that school were: Burkles, Doncasters, Parrots, Tweedies, Hunters, McLaughlins, Swansons, and Attwoods.

This would be a typical rural school of the time consisting of one room, with a round heater at the back of the room, a water pail in the corner, and for bathroom accommodations a two hole biffy out back used winter and summer. There was no well so the water was hauled by someone living close by or one of the older boys, and they usually had the job of starting the fire. If it started quickly then the school would be warm when the first pupils and teacher arrived, but if the kindling was damp or the fire did not draw, it could be nearly noon before the school would be warm and classes could start. On cold windy days in the winter the pupils would spend all day huddled around the heater.

When it came time for the annual Christmas concert the fathers would loan planks and help build a platform.

The teachers boarded at homes in the district and walked or rode to school with the pupils. Two of the boarding places were George McLaughlins and Jim Hunters. Some of the teachers who taught at this school were Miss Beach, Miss Clark, Mr.

Duncan Martin and Miss Millie Ducklow. Miss Ducklow was the last teacher and went on to teach at the Brookdale School.

When Belton consolidated with Brookdale most of the families joined and the vans came around to pick up the pupils. The building was sold to Joe Jones for a stable and was moved to NE 14-13-16.


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