Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Ingelow had long planned to build a curling rink, but when the 30''s came along, there was no hope of getting money to build a conventional rink.

Mr. Frank Wi1man thought up a way of building one that would cost very little. Straw was tightly packed between two rows of poles. Page wire was placed over the top and covered with hay and straw for the roof. A small building was drawn up for a waiting room. One long opening on the south side was covered with cotton which let in light. A wood stove heated the waiting room. Six gas lanterns provided light at night. Eight farmers donated rocks and were allowed free curling for the first season. The fee was $5 per season and that amount was not always easy to find in the 30''s.

The whole community turned out and curled and there were many good times in the nnk. No one was too concerned about winning, they just wanted to have fun. Ice remained in the rink long after it had melted in conventional rinks. It provided curling for the district for about 10 years with repairs made each autumn. It was burned down in the early 40''s and never rebuilt. Times were better by that time and people travelled to Brookdale or Douglas to curl. But the rink built with labor and ingenuity had provided fun and relaxation for many.


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