Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Oberon had an open air skating rink and sheet of curling ice as early as 1909. In 1912, a new one was constructed in which the curlers carried on in the middle and skaters glided around them. This building was flattened by wind in 1921 and it was not until 1927 that the present structure, consisting of a curling sheet and a skating sheet, was constructed.

Various improvements have been added, an all over aluminum covering in 1952, and a lunch counter in 1956. In former years, small local bonspiels were held with one or two "one day ''spiels," to which neighboring rinks were invited. Then the skating rink was converted into three curling sheets, making four sheets of ice, and making it possible to have "open" bonspiels.

In 1977 the rink celebrated 50 years of existence, and is still a focal point for thriving winter activities.

It has seen many improvements, such as heating and plumbing systems, new flooring and much to the pleasure of district ladies, better kitchen facilities. It is still well patronized. Due to its location it was for a few years the centre for figure skaters from Harte, Brookdale, Mentmore, and, of course, Oberon. Many of the instructors have been local girls who have come up through the ranks and then passed their skills on to the new hopefuls. Some of these girls who come to mind are: Geraldine and Laura Davison, Donna Mack, Corinne Oliver, Kathy Jakubowski, Patsy and Shaunda Drader and Nicole Thorn (assistant). Bonspiels are winter highlights. I am sure I am correct in saying that the first Youth Bonspiel in the surrounding areas was offered by Oberon. This replaced the small school bonspiel. This annual event is followed by a Mixed ''Spiel and then a Ladies'' bonspiel. All these, of course, keep the district ladies busy planning lunches and meals.

Many notable curlers, both men and women had their "beginnings" at Oberon, and are worthy participants in bonspiels both near and far.


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