Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The rink was a hive of activity all winter in the 1930''s and 1940''s with curling, hockey, broomball, skating and carnivals.

The young men were great for trying stunts on skates. At the March, 1930 carnival Clare Oliver and Glenn Alexander jumped over five steel barrels which were lined up side by side, I daresay others tried and were unsuccessful.

The girls had a hockey team called the Oberon Orioles in the early 1930''s. They were dressed in black bloomers, orange and black sweaters and long stockings. Some of the girls who played were: H. Martin (goalie), V. Martin, Anne Oliver, M.

Robertson, R. McKee, L. Alexander, G. Oliver, J.

Mikkelsen, R. Faryon. They were coached by Tommy Dennis and Earle Thorn. Sometimes the hockey girls would divide into two teams and have the school boys play with them.

In January, 1933 Boggy Creek Bearcats challenged the Oberon regular hockey team. Art Sparling was the referee. The Bearcats line-up was Len and John Martin, G. Munroe, M. Mikkelsen, C.

Oliver, C. Allen. The Oberon team included E.

Thorn, G. Alexander, G. Martin, L. Mikkelsen, W.

Bee, T. Dennis, Jack Kirkness (goalie).

The Oberon men''s hockey team line up was F.

Alexander (referee), Len Martin (goalie), G. Marti.n, Clinton Bee, H. Bee, Wm. Bee, R. Boles, T. Dennis, E. Thorn, N. McKenzie, Percy and Glenn Alexander.

Austin Oliver played goalie sometimes. Others who played in the 1930''s were A. Dennis, H. Christison, Kayo Bee, H. Bee, Cecil Bee, Clarence and Howard Martin, R. Boles and the Kirkness brothers.

In the 1940''s some of the players were Alex, Lawrence and Steve Slezak, R. Boles, E. Schick, Jim and Jack Kirkness, Roy Baker, the Laudrum brothers the Bee brothers, J. Owen and R. Frank.

The'' girls had a baseball team in the 1920''s.

They were dressed in bloomers and white blouses.

Charles Boles was their coach.


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