Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Our district has not been without sports. In the earliest days we find the Whites and Alexanders playing football. In searching through archives, I find that in July 1886 Auburn played ball at the Wellwood Picnic. Then Wellwood returned to Auburn for a ball game and defeated the local boys by a score of 36 to 9. But it wasn''t always so.

Oberon had several ball teams through the years, hockey teams as well, and both have ."dish~d =" their share of defeats to neighbormg districts.

Names like Martin, Alexander, Mikkelson, Boles, Oliver, and Thorn have made history in the district''s sports.

Because of smaller families and better travelling facilities, team sports have perhaps suffered in smaller communities. We do not have a complete hockey team of our own, but most of the boys play on teams based in the larger centres. Although a boy''s fastball team operates from time to time at Oberon, usually these members, too, join baseball clubs in neighbouring areas.

While many of our young people are busy playing baseball in summer, others are pursuing different interests. Kathy Jakubowski and the Drader sisters have brought honours to the district with their horsemanship. Many girls have belonged to 4-H groups over the years and still continue to do so. Still others enjoy golfing during summer months, and many enjoy camping trips.

In 1962 a District Bowling League (5 pin) had its start in Evans'' Bowling Lanes in Neepawa. Many of its original members were from our district ~nd many of them are still knocking down the pms.

When some drop out, new ones always take their place. Because of the keen interest over the years, the annual windup in 1982 was an evenmg of celebration commemorating the 20th anniversary of the organization.


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