Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The Municipality of North and South Cypress was formed in 1882 and the first council members elected. The first reeve was Wm. Spence with Cyrus Turner, James Kennedy and John Thompson representing North Cypress. This council elected in 1882,built the first Municipal Hall for $2,200. The first registrar was Mr. McGillivray who served two years followed by Mr. W.R. Black.

We note from our recorded history that the first minute book recorded meetings beginning January 1, 1882. Tax collection was quite unpredictable yet salaries were set. The first clerk Mr. H.A. Perley served until August 15, 1882,when he was replaced by W.G. Rogers. Mr. Rogers received $90 for the balance of the year. Joseph Bailey, the first tax collector visited from house to house and collected $150, an amount equal to his annual salary.

On January 16, 1883 North Cypress became a separate municipality withmore councillors elected.

John McDonnell was first reeve and his six councillors were, John Thompson, G.R. Black, James Dodd, Joseph Bailey, W.W. Ford and John G. Barron. The first clerk was W.G. Rogers; treasurer, M. Collins; assessor V.E. Casselman.

The first auditors were Wm. Logan and V.E.


Just one month after separating from South Cypress the Municipality of North Cypress added Range 16to its jurisdiction. This move brought in the village of Brookdale and surrounding areas, extending west to the eastern boundary of Elton Municipality.

After only two years the municipality decided that councillors should be elected to represent various parts of the municipality and a ward system was introduced in 1884.Byelection time 1885,ward boundaries had been set and councillors for each elected. Dr. T.W. Gilbert who had been reeve for 1884was retained for 1885. Each ward then elected councillors as follows: Ward 1 - J.W. Stratford; Ward II - J.W. McRae; Ward III - Wm. Evitt; Ward IV - J.G. Barron; Ward V - Robert Ferguson; Ward VI - John Mitchell; Noble Dickie continued as clerk, M. Collins as treasurer and V.E.

Casselman as assessor.

After the war of 1914-18,the first woman to be appointed secretary-treasurer of North Cypress was Miss E. Morgan, April 23, 1925 at a salary of $100 a month.

The expansion of Public Services which began with the building of Carberry Plains Lodge included the formation of the new Recreation Commission out of Carberry and serving Carberry, Wellwood and Brookdale; the setting up of the Western Manitoba Regional Library Board with headquarters in Carberry and serving Brookdale and surrounding areas. Mrs. Ken Mitchell of Brookdale, along with Wallace Hood and Alex Turner were the local members of the Library Board formed in 1968; in 1970 the Brookdale Community Centre was established and made a grant of $500 to the Brookdale Rink Committee. By 1973the Council of North Cypress had authorized the formation of the Brookdale-Oberon Community Centre District.

In 1971a spring creek cleanout agreement was drawn up between Langford and North Cypress Municipalities. This led to the formation of the Whitemud Watershed District which was formed in 1972 draining the Brookdale swamp to the west of town and north through Langford to the Whitemud River. The council made a grant of $1,200 to the Carberry Plains Lodge for a Personal Care Home in 1972 and gave a further grant to the Brookdale Community Club to help establish a Drop-In- Centre in Brookdale in 1978.

As early as 1961North Cypress and Langford had formed a Weed Control Board but on February 1, 1975 this was terminated and replaced by the Carberry-North Cypress Weed District, Keith Porter became the officialweed inspector.

It was during the time that T. Roy Bailey was reeve that Lloyd Reidle and D. Cryderman were hired as public works employees. Then Hunter Witherspoon became reeve in 1975 and it was during his term of office that Railway Avenue in Brookdale was paved. Roland G. Stewart had succeeded W.R. Stewart McDonald as councillor of Ward III (Brookdale and area) and after Roland Stewart''s passing, Robert Drysdale became the new councillor and continues in office to the present. It was Mr. Drysdale who promoted the construction of the municipal machine shed, thus adding a second shed to house road maintaining equipment in Brookdale.

Today the town of Brookdale is alive and well.

The school, Bill Jones'' Hardware and General Store Fraser''s Grocery Store, Bonnetts'' Trucking Servi~e, The United Church and the Community Curling and Skating Rinks are all in full use. The Drop-In-Centre too is holding its own and enjoyed by the whole community. For these services we all give appreciative thanks.

Fire Fighting Equipment Used during the 1920''s and 30''s -I< -I< -I< Lorne Mikkelsen spent 12 years (1955-66) as councillor of Ward VI in the North Cypress Municipality. Arnold Poole also served in that position for eight years (1967-74).


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