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In 1884, the County of Beautiful Plains was divided into municipal units called Osprey, Glendale, Rosedale and Lansdowne. The division line between Osprey and Glendale was the Carberry Road 258 (now Highway 5). Osprey consisted of Townships 13 and 14 Range 14 W, Township 13 Range 13 W and the east half of Townships 13 and 14 Range 15 W. While Glendale was comprised of Townships 13 and 14 Range 16Wand the west half of Townships 13 and 14 Range 15 W.

In January 1891 the Rural Municipality of Langford came into being through the amalgamation of Osprey and Glendale with Township 13Range 13 W being added to the Lansdowne Municipality.

Langford Municipality was named after the early crossing (Layng''s Ford) on Boggy Creek just west of John Layng''s homestead. Langford''s Inaugural Meeting was held (in compliance with the Municipal Institution Act Sec. 157) on the morning of January 6, 1891, in the Richard Halpenny house (home of the late Bert Batchelor) west of Neepawa, with James Molland presiding as reeve, and two councillors, W.F. Sirett of Ward III and John Forsythe of Ward II. The other two wards, I and IV had neglected to elect their two councillors, so Reeve Molland and the other two acting councillors, appointed Andrew Thomson for Ward 1and Walter Brydon for Ward IV.

The first meeting of the new Council of Langford was held in the afternoon of the same day (January 6, 1891) in the Commercial Hotel, Neepawa, which was located on Hamilton Street, near Brown Ave., with allcouncil members present. Robert Dunsmore was appointed as secretary-treasurer, a position which he held until 1912.Other committees were set up for the year and poundkeepers, pathmasters, and fence viewers appointed.

Through the 95 years of Langford''s existence, the secretary-treasurers have been as follows: Robert Dunsmore (1891-1912), Marcus Chisholm (1913-1940), J. Harvey Thomson (1941-1960), Ambrose Perches on (1961-1966), Dorothy Brown (1967-1981), Vinetta Hannaburg (1982 - ).

Those men from Ward II who have acted as reeves during the years are: James Melland (1891 and 1892), Frank Hockin (1920-1925), Donald Carmichael (1930-1943),Bert Davidson (1946-1948), C.H. Hockin (1949-1959),Mervin Drayson (1979- ).

The names of those who acted as councillors in Ward IIare: John Forsyth (4 years), W.J. Forsyth (5 years), Frank Murray (6 years), Frank Hockin (6 years,) J.J. Nelson (8 years), C.H. Hockin (6 years), H.B. Dennis (8 years), Robt. Davidson (3 years), Elviss Sumner (6Y2 years), James Molland (4 years), Robt. A Davidson (4 years), J.S. Morden (2 years), T.D. Stonehouse (2 years), Don Carmichael (4 years), C.D. Drayson (10 years), Elmer Hockin (11 years), Allan McKee (1Y2 years), Rick Evans began his term of office in January 1986.

Men from Ward 1 who served as councillors were: Findlay White (14 years), Eugene Allen (15 years), and Gordon Martin (4 years) of Oberon district.

The Langford Municipality has undergone many changes in the 95 years of its existence. Certainly the time and effort of its reeves, councillors and citizens have helped to provide us with the fine system of roads, recreational areas and health care which we all enjoy. As the municipality looks forward to its 100th anniversary in 1991, we marvel at the great progress made since its beginning and wonder what the next 100 years will bring.


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