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There is a small part of our district in Elton Municipality - 36-11-17, and 1, 12, 13,23,24,25,26, 35 and 36 in -12-17.

The Municipality of Elton was set up by the pioneer settlers in 1881 as part of the County of Brandon with a County Council on which each had a representative to handle problems common to all.

In 1883 the Legislature of Manitoba in the Municipal Boundaries Act incorporated the Rural Municipality of Elton comprising townships 11 and 12, ranges 17,18 and 19.

That fall elections were held and six councillors and a reeve were elected, took office and began operations January 1, 1884. This municipality was settled mainly from the year 1879 on through the 1880''s and the 1890''s with the largest surge of immigrants coming the year immediately after the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 188l. The largest number of settlers came from Ontario with the western counties of Huron and Bruce contributing the greatest number. Some also came from the Maritime Provinces and Quebec and quite a number from the British Isles.

The first settlers were Anglo Saxon, then in the 1900''s, a number of settlers of Ukranian, Polish, German and other European descent came and became a part of the municipality. Around 1920, a large number of Mennonite families came from Russia after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. So today the municipality has quite a mixture in population from several ethnic backgrounds.

The first roads were wagon trails angling across the country. Then roads were surveyed and built, bridges and grades had to be constructed.

Roads continued to be improved over the years.

The first council meetings were held in private homes. An office was built in Forrest in 1936 and a garage bought at Forrest in 1940. In 1968 a modern garage and shed were built just southeast of Forrest and in 1969 a new modern office was added to serve the people of Elton.

Elton Municipality now belongs to the Brandon Area Planning Board. This means that people applying for a building permit must apply in Brandon, rather than the Municipal Office.

Reeves 1884-1986 1884 1885-1887 1888-1901 1902-1908 1909 1910-1914 1915 1916-1917 1884 1885-1887 1888-1890 1891-1900 1901-1902 1903-1906 1907-1910 1911-1920 1921-1924 1925-1944 1945-1950 1951-1952 1953-1974 1975-1979 1980-1986 1884-1889 1900-1905 1915-1937 1946-1959 1962-1966 Francis Clegg 1918-1920 D.R. Taylor 1921-1922 T.J. Pentland 1923-1925 H.W. Johnston 1926-1930 Wm. Black 1931ยท1937 W.J. Cundy 1938-1975 AC. McPhail 1975-1977 John Crawford 1977-1986 Councillors Ward IV 02-17) J.H. Campbell H.E. Willmott John Carswell D.J. Geddis Robert Crozier R.J. Brandon James Churchill W.F. Brandt James Thompson Jas. A. Mitchell A.M. Robertson N.W. Thompson AW. Churchill L. Mitchell U.R. Outhwaite Harold Cleaver Ward I 01-17) AB. Wilkie T.J. Pentland R.H. Swallow Wm. Black H.E. Willmott R.H. Swallow Robert Crozier R.J. Black James Boles Thomas Black A.H. Andrews Wm. Moorehead R.W. Flock Basil Farley John Loewen 1884 1885 1886-1888 1889-1890 1891-1892 1893-1899 1900-1905 1906 1907-1909 1910-1912 1913-1922 1923-1925 1926-1955 1956 1957-1970 1971-1986 Wm. Davidson R.J. Black AM. Robertson James Boles RJ. Black T.W. Pentland Wm. Marriott Dennis Heeney Archibald Kennedy Robert Reid J.L. Pottinger L.H. Hickson Mrs. J. Isabel Taylor


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