Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The Creeford School was situated on 20-12-16 now the Craig farm. It operated in the late 1880''s and early ''90s. Miss Harriet Thompson taught there in 1885 or 1886. She boarded at the Gerrie farm 16-12- 16. She was a city girl unused to the open prairies.

At that time there was often fog or mist in the mornings. Mr. Gerrie plowed a furrow from his place to the school, so she could follow it and not get lost. Miss Thompson later married Tom Morgan and they farmed in the Ingelow district for many years. The school was closed and moved to Brookdale when the town started. It was used as a dwelling for many years. Ralph Chisholm, Mrs.

McLaughlin, BillMitchells, were some of the people who lived in it. It was moved in 1979. Mrs. Morgan (Miss Harriet Thompson) was the mother of Mrs.

Esther Rasmussen and grandmother of Caroline Ruckle (Robinson) both of Carberry.

Mr. James Dodds also taught in this school.

For many years, ink bottles etc., turned up when Craigs worked the land where the school stood.

A group of residents of the district formed a school district in 1900, named Craig School District but a school was never built and the children were taken to the Brookdale School.


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