Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The name Odanah is an Indian word, which probably goes back many years before the white man came to that part of the country. It may go back centuries when Indian tribes roamed the prairies.

"Odanah" the name given to the passage through the hills, now Minnedosa, means a gathering or meeting place. By this the Municipality got its name. The Municipality of Odanah was organized in 1883 and consisted of six townships, until 1902 when it was reduced to four.

Sometime about the middle of the century it seems Sections 1, 12, 13,24 and Township 13 Range 17 were added to Brookdale School district which seems debatable. The Loewens and McKees came to Brookdale High School, but it is thought they had land across the road in Langford Municipality. At that time a fourth portion of it was in Brookdale consolidated district, which gave them the right to attend Brookdale School. They were to make arrangements where to catch the school van.

Some of the reeves that took office in Odanah are as follows: Jim Forsythe was the first reeve, followed by Thomas Jackson, John T. Wilson and Issac Bolton. Then John Allen filled the position for 20 years before retiring, Dougald Maxwell, Andrew Allen were next. Then John Allen returned for two years. N.P. Shuttleworth was acclaimed reeve and continued for 20 years then came Andrew Jameson, followed by c.L. Shuttleworth who acted for two years and was elected to the Legislature. Don Stewart, Harry Charles, Hans Anderson were followed by Bud Musselwhite who is reeve at the present time.

Some of the members of council: Osse Robinson ? - 1949 Hector Cameron 1949-1956 CliffHunter 1956-1968 Hans Anderson 1968-1972 Keith Curle 1972- C. Gwyer is councillor at the present time.


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