Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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40th Anniversary Oberon Rink Celebration The Oberon community celebrated the 40th anniversary of the rink with a banquet and dance on March 3, 1967. About 250 guests from near and far were served a delicious turkey dinner. Many senior Oberonites who had donated to the rink building fund in 1927, were presented with centennial spoons by the rink president, Forrest Alexander. Folk receiving spoons were: D. Carmichael, Mrs. C.

Boles, A. Chisholm, Mrs. T.A. Mar tin, Mrs. Wm.

Owen, Mrs. F. White, F. Aikenhead, R. Burnett, Mrs. Wm. Alexander, Bine Boles and L. Thorn, the first caretaker. Many residents from Harte and Brookdale were given special mention because they had supported the rink in later years.

Earle Thorn gave the past history of the rink and read the minutes of the first meeting. Muirhead''s Orchestra provided the music which was enjoyed by all. Prizes were given to the winners of the novelty dances. Several ladies wore old time dresses for the evening. Sad to say, the rink has not been very busy during the past winters. Mixed and ladies'' bonspiels are still held.

50th Anniversary Oberon Rink Celebration Oberon celebrated the 50th anniversary of the rink on July 30, 1977. Attending the event were 300 guests from far and wide. Photograph albums and poems written about Oberon, were on display. The dunkin'' machine and horseshoes were enjoyed by some folk in spite of the rainy and chilly weather.

Mrs. Laura Watts presented a plaque to B.

Mikkelsen, a rink director. This plaque contained the names of the Oberon donors to the rink building fund in 1927. The plaque is to be hung in the rink at all times.

After a cold plate supper, the evening ended with a dance. Brown''s Orchestra provided the music and Eldon McDonald was floor manager.


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