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Brookdale Manitoba History

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Freeland School District No. 711 was formed May 21, 1892. No school taxes were levied in 1892.

It is not known exactly when the school was built but we do know that there was a school levy in 1893.

The school was erected on the northwest corner of SW 18-13-15 which is northeast of Brookdale. The land was owned by the McNaughtons and later by W.A. Ramsay. The school boundaries were readjusted from time to .time between Belton and Oberon Schools. The school trustees-in 1896 were Matt DeRinzy, W.W.

Hoffman and W.M. Hartley who was replaced by John Ducklow in 1897.

In July 1898 the school underwent some improvements. A partition was taken out, making the classroom larger. A new porch was built on.

School was closed for a month at that time and then reopened on the first Monday of August.

Church services were held quite regularly in the school during its existence.

However, in June 1919, the district was dissolved and consolidated with Brookdale School District No. 1299. The school was bought by Ernest Evans and moved to his farm (now Rick Evans) where it was used for machinery storage and later as a cattle shelter.

I have found only a few teachers'' names which are: Miss Mitchell (1895-96), Miss Hammond (1901- 02), Jessie Smith (1907-08), Janet Thompson (1908- 09) and Edith Hockin (1918-1919) Early residents of Freeland district were Pooles, Sharrnans, Hockins, Stonhouses, Hunters, Ducklows, Ottos, Whitemans, De Rinzys, Hoffmans, Barkleys and many others.

Freeland School Report - April 1908 Gr. 8 Clara Poole, Henry Poole Gr. 6 Jessie Poole, Opal Bayes, Heber Hockin Gr. 4 Edith Hockin Gr. 3 John Tyerman, Richard Griffith Gr. 2 Ralph Boyes, Albert Robertson Teacher - Jessie Smith Freeland School- April 1919 Gr. 9 Minnie Robertson Gr. 8 Myrtle Evans, laura Robertson Gr. 7 Stan Hockin Gr. 5 Molly Davidson, Marie Evans, John Sumner, Ken Sumner Gr. 3 lone Stonehouse Gr. 2 Mamie Otto, Isabel Otto, Albert Blackburn Gr. 1 Sr. Alvin Griffith, Homer Hunter Gr. 1 Jr. Clifford Hunter Teacher - Edith M. Hockin "This district was organized this year, a comfortable school house erected and the school kept open for six months." From the report of Rev.

D.M. McRae 1885.


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