Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Our family was a member of the Beef Ring. I recall my father taking a beef animal to the slaughter-house when it was our turn. A day or so later my mother hitched our driving pony to the buggy, took me for company, and went to pick up our share of the meat. We picked up our allotment of meat and also the hide of the animal, as it was customary for the member providing the animal to get the hide. As we were nearing home we approached about a dozen of our cattle. I guess they were alerted to the scent of the hide and blood so gave us a chase. They were snorting and bellowing and were surely menacing. Mother urged the horse into high gear and headed for our large machine shed which had a large sliding door which was open - fortunately. Once inside we quickly shut the door. The cattle milled around outside for awhile. We unhitched the horse from the buggy, took the harness off the let him out through a small side door. After things quieted down, we crept out very quietly and made our escape to the house yard and home.

This was one incident I recall at Brookdale as a boy of age six.


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