Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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When roads were not kept open in the winter time and horses and sleighs were used for transportation, the roads built up to be very high and narrow especially if there was a lot of snow.

When a mild day came around the middle of March, a heavy load would slide and cut off the side of the road. The horses became frightened and would start to crowd. They leaned against one another and tried to push the other horse over on the narrow road. Some teams were much worse for crowding than others. It sometimes helped to unhitch them and change sides, but often nothing helped and the load would upset and the horses get down in the deep snow. They had to be dug out and it was almost impossible to get them to draw the load.

Crowding horses delayed many a trip in the spring breakup and is one thing we can be glad of being only a memory.


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