Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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A terrific storm ripped through the Oberon and Bear Creek districts on July 19, 1901.

John Widden of Oberon (on Frank May''s place) had his house unroofed and farm machinery tumbled around. A horse was lifted about 50 feet and landed without any major injuries. Several hogs were killed while others were lost.

The cyclone gained strength by the time it reached Bear Creek settlement, having cut a 50- yard swath through timber and fields. Houses were wrecked and inmates injured while the trees were torn to tatters and vegetation disappeared in spots.

The late Mrs. Wm. Alexander Jr. remembered quite well the terrible roar, the sucking up of water from Boggy Creek and the path of destruction left behind.

Mr. Widden claimed that he saved his mother''s life by grabbing her from the buggy as the cyclone approached. At that time there was no Mackenzeville village which was fortunate.


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