Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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It was in the spring of 1902 in the district of Woodlea now Ingelow. The weather had been nice but one afternoon the dark clouds gathered and it started to snow and blow, it went all that day and night and the next day, at night the winds got higher. Mrs. Tom Morgan was on the farm alone with her six children, one was a small baby. Mr.

Morgan had gone to BillFord''s to work. In the night the wind took the roof off their little home.

For awhile Mrs. Morgan didn''t know what to do then she thought of the barn. She got the children all dressed and wrapped the baby in quilts.

She gave the oldest girl a pail in which she had put bread and a cup. They all got into the barn, they could milk the cow and they wouldn''t be hungry.

When it came daylight she told her children to stay in the barn. She was going to Mr. McQuarries for help, one quarter of a mile away.

It was still storming, she kept to the fence all the way. When she got to the school she thought she couldn''t go any further, but she said, "I must." She went on and got to McQuarrie''s house but they weren''t up. She knocked on their bedroom window, Mrs. McQuarrie heard her, she was hollering, "Let me in." Mrs. McQuarrie told her to come around to the door. They got her inside and she said that the wind had taken the roof off their house and she had put the children in the barn. Then she fainted away and fell on the floor, they got her up on the couch.

Mr. McQuarrie got the fire going to get her something hot to drink while Mrs. McQuarrie got her wet stockings and boots off and rubbed her legs then wrapped them in a blanket. By this time Mrs.

Morgan came to and was worried about the children.

Mr. McQuarrie told her not to worry as he was going for them.

He took blankets and threw them in the sleigh, harnessed the team, and was soon on his way. He got the children in the sleigh and covered them up with blankets, in the meantime Mrs. McQuarrie made a pot of soup and porridge to warm them.

After the meal the children lay down and had a good sleep. Mr. McQuarrie said he didn''t know how Mrs.

Morgan made it through those snowdrifts because the horses had to plunge all the way.

When the storm stopped Mr. McQuarrie went and fed the stock in the barn and then went and got Mr. Morgan at Ford''s. Mr. Ford gathered up the neighbour men and they soon had the roof back on and the snow cleaned out of everything in the house and the fire going to dry everything. It wasn''t long till they were all back in their home. Mrs. Morgan thanked them many times. Mrs. Morgan was Esther Rasmussen''s mother.


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