Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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A cyclone struck the Eugene Allen farm about 10 miles southeast of Neepawa around 1:30 a.m., May 5, 1965. The freak windstorm struck their house, shaking it and waking up the family. The high winds continued for about a half hour and then abated suddenly. The next morning, the Allens found a scene of destruction in their yard. Buildings and equipment had been ruined and tossed here and there. A cattle shed 28 ft. by 16 ft. had been scattered across the field with only a few boards and shattered glass left on its site. Shingles were torn off the house roof. A portable granary was moved from its location. A drill was shifted and a rack which had been loaded with fence posts had been lifted into the air and dumped into a grove of trees 50 ft. away.

Near the house, a 200 gallon fuel tank was upset on its side away from the house. Smaller buildings were ripped off their foundations. Luckily the barn wasn''t damaged too much - the roof had been lifted slightly and needed repairs. Trees were broken off and blown down. What a scene of havoc and destruction that was perceived by the Allens at dawn!


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