Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Many accounts of storms in bygone days have been recorded. Two which have occurred quite recently should also be recorded. April 26, 1984, after some very warm days, was very windy, which developed into a storm towards evening, and snow and blowing soil reduced visibility to almost nil. The storm continued throughout the day of the 27th.

Power in the town went off at noon. The temperature was not very low, but homes without heat, water or light were uncomfortable. The wind dropped overnight and in the morning people began "digging out". Many door ways were blocked and windows and the sides of houses were pasted with dirt filled snow and had to be hosed down later. Power was restored just before noon. Trees and branches lined the town streets and many yards were in shambles.

During the morning of June 8, 1985 the wind rose and the air was soon filled with blowing dust.

Wind velocity increased to some of the highest Flooding at Ingelow 1952 speeds ever recorded in the district. Trees were uprooted and broken down. Branches and leaves were torn from trees, shingles from houses. Crops and gardens were severely damaged, some having to be re-sown. Power was restored in the evening after being off for several hours. Streets had to be cleared of trees, broken branches, shingles and boards. Damage to farm land cannot be estimated.


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