Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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J.P. Lawrie''s first job after leaving school was delivering groceries with a horse and cart for the store keeper. One day he was asked to deliver a barrel of flour, which would be about 200-250 pounds. When he found the place, it was the apartment on the third floor. He had straps for carrying heavy loads on his back, so he got the load up these three flights of stairs, opened the end of the barrel which was customary and went away. After a short time the grocer came to him and said he would have to exchange the barrel of flour as the lady had complained that her bread was not good and it was the fault of the flour. So he loaded up another barrel and went back to the same place.

Looking up to where he had to go he thought it was a long way up and he decided to do the easy part first. So he went up to get the flour, put the boards back in and started down. While resting on the first landing he decided it was a lot of work so he would try something else. He turned around and took the barrel back up opened the other end for the lady of the house and went home. He put the new barrel back in the warehouse and put the horse and cart away.Some months later he saw the housewife in the store and she asked him ifhe remembered delivering her the second barrel of flour he said, "Yes", with tongue in cheek. "Well", she said, "that was the best flour I ever baked with and I would never have known the difference ifI hadn''t found my own sifter in the bottom of the barrell"


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