Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Adam McKenzie''s exploits were many, and I would like to mention one that might be of interest.

It deals with Carberry''s first exhibition. At that time there was not too much livestock on the plains, but Mr. McKenzie owned vast numbers and was asked to bring in as many animals as possible. This he did, exhibiting stock in every class. In fact it is said that approximately one third of all stock at the first few fairs would be his, and one can imagine the work entailed in those days in taking stock 16 miles, but Mr. McKenzie did so simply to help out the fair, accepting no prize money. However, after a few years a remark reached his ears to the effect that it was no use showing stock at Carberry since Adam McKenzie took all the prizes. "By Hedges", this irate Scotchman is said to have stated, "If that''s the way they feel I''llnever bother them again." Despite apologies from the Fair Board, he never did, although later he did much towards starting a fair at Neepawa.


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