Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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A fleet-footed burglar, Frank Robert Beadle, outwitted two policemen in August 1958 by escaping through dense bush from J.D. Watt''s farm, one mile east of Oberon.

His picture had appeared in the Neepawa Press a few days before the incident and was identified by a Press reader who notified the police about his whereabouts. Beadle had been employed by Lyle Thorn and Del Watts (at different times) since spring.

The Watts received a terrible shock when they learned that their hired man was a wanted criminal.

On various occasions they had left money around the house and he never touched it. They commented that he always paid back every cent that he figured he owed them.

After being apprehended by police, he was allowed to go unaccompanied to the barn for his jacket. He had sneaked away between the farm buildings and headed for the creek before the police realized his break away. The police then chased after him until they lost him in the dense bush. A hunting dog was rushed to the scene but rain hampered the search and the scent could not be followed.

The Watts had not seen Beadle''s picture in the Press as they had not received the paper yet. They found him capable, willing and even trustworthy enough to look after the farm over the previous weekend when they took a brief holiday.

Believe me, the people of Oberon district locked their doors and windows for a few nights after hearing the news.


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