Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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On the first day of harvest, my true love said to me "With the kids to help he wouldn''t need me." On the second day of harvest, the kids all laughed with glee ''Cause the chicken chores and milking chores would now be up to me.

On the third day of harvest my husband said to me, "Help tie the tarp down, run this half load into town, Pick up some salt blocks, and then check the cattle, ''Cause we are all too busy." On the fourth day of harvest, they gave a broken part to me.

Saying, "Try the Co-op in Brandon and every other dealer.

Just keep driving ''til you find the right pulley." On the fifth day of harvest, my husband said to me "We''re moving to the other field, you bring the pickup, fillup the gas tanks and water jugs, put in the tool box, a can of bolts with nuts and locks.

Better bring over dinner too, and this time don''t forget the iced tea." On the sixth day of harvest my daughter called home, "The elevator''s tied up and I can''t get unloaded.

Take the old Chevy truck, make sure it''s gassed up, check the oil and battery and get over to the west field in a hurry." The seventh day of harvest my husband said to me, "We''re going to bring some wheat in, willyou clean out the bin, Then set up the auger;" and left me scooping breathlessly.

On the eighth day of harvest my husband gave me a list.

"Don''t know if the belt willlast, better get to town fast. I need another reel slat, filter and bearing.

Bring it to the field, throw in an extra scoop.

And don''t forget the goop that makes the chain run free. " On the ninth day of harvest at 11:30, the clutch went out on the combine and he called on the C.B.

and said, "Find the heavy log chain, get the Ford tractor and come and pull me." On the tenth day of harvest my true love snapped at me As I handed tools to him very nervously.

On the eleventh day of harvest the whole crew said to me, "Want to fill the gas tanks while we eat? Take home a load of wheat and bring back one wretch, one water jug, another lug And the spray bomb for the bumble bees." On the last day of harvest my husband grinned at me, "If everything goes right we should be done by midnight. Aren''t you glad you didn''t have to help this year dearie?"


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