Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The farm of Bill and Edith Christison hosted a successful threshing day on Sunday, September 12, 1982. That was how they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and the 40 years on the farm About 300 people were on hand to watch as they threshed with two McCormick-Deering separators.

A variety of antique tractors took turns at running the separators. Neil Jardine from Brookdale also had his Case steam engine at the scene to power the large separator. About six large racks of wheat sheaves were threshed with almost everyone trying their hand at pitching sheaves into the threshing machines. The sheaves had been made by the binder and stacked in readiness for the event. Folks saw how their forefathers piled the sheaves on the racks and pitched them into the threshers. A number of people were thrilled to drive antique tractors with a four-bottom plow turning over the furrows of land.

In the yard all the antique tractors were lined up for the folks to see. The Ken Moorehead family of Douglas had their grist mill operating; grinding some rye, corn and wheat. The demonstration of the old-fashioned threshing techniques certainly brought back a lot of memories for many of the old-timers and the succeeding generation.

A second threshing day was held on September 9, 1984. The process is much the same as it was in yesteryear with the exception of no horses on the job.


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