Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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WANTED - truck driver to haul grain; no experience necessary. Any dummy should be able to drive my 1949 special.

Restricted adult. Language may be offensive.

No triflers please.

Applicant must be willing to learn and accept constructive criticism. Lots of it. Every round and every load.

Will accept one or two children in the truck. No gum or sunflower seeds.

Applicants should state age, sex and past, if any.

Undefined hours. May run night and day if it doesn''t rain.

The ability to shift gears and split shift would be an asset, but not necessarily essential. (If you stand on the clutch and push on the stick long enough it is bound to slip into second).

Applicant should understand the principle of picking up grain on the go. Should there be a collison between truck and combine applicant should leave the premises - rapidly.

Must be a non-smoker in the truck and field unless you carry your own fire extinguisher and air -freshener.

Please state medical qualifications - have you ever suffered from insanity, hayfever, allergies to grain or weeds, or heat prostration. If not, you are likely to have a new experience. Should such a case occur, applicant must be prepared to drive themselves to the hospital. Combine will not stop for anything inconsequential.

Applicant should have at least six arms and no less than two legs. Preferrably a runner or jogger.

Walkers or dawdlers will not be accepted.

No coffee breaks, so addict need not apply.

Familarity with motors would be an asset.

Motors that balk, belts that slip, loaders that plug, and bins that run over are all part of the work experience.

The ability to read sign language is essential.

Your life may depend upon it.

Twenty-twenty vision would be an asset to enable applicant to see a full hopper two miles away, to see over hills and through bluffs. It also helps when looking for lost chains and bolts that drop into the stubble while making repairs.

Everything must be done the way the combiner says to do it, whether it makes sense or not.

Applicant should have good sense of direction for finding their way over unmarked prairie trails. In the dark all fields bear a resemblance to each other.

Applicant should have their own compass.


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