Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Ontario, August 21, 1891. He moved with his parents to the Wellwood district in 1903, where his father bought a farm, five miles northwest of the village.

Sam got his schooling at Wellwood School and after completing the eighth grade, he took over the family farm.

In June 1924, he married Minnie Robertson from the Oberon-Brookdale district, Minnie was the daughter of Robert and Kristina Robertson (nee Mikkelsen). She received her education at Freeland Schoo!. They farmed on the Abbott farm until 1932 when they moved to the Brookdale district and settled on the Dodds'' farm one and one-half miles east of the village, where they farmed until 1947. At this time they rented the land to Bay Dennis until 1951, but lived in the buildings until 1960while Sam was engaged in the carpentry trade until his passing in May 1961.

At this time Minnie moved to Neepawa, where she purchased a home on 5th and Ellen. She remained in this house until 1970 when she moved into East View Lodge where she resided until her passing in August 1981.

Alan Abbott, only son of Sam and Minnie was born July 1933. Alan received his education at Brookdale School, 1939-1950. In 1951, Alan took over the family farm until 1955, when he was employed by u.G.G. until 1960.

Alan married Doris McFadden of Cardale, Manitoba on December 3, 1955. They have three children, Bill,Bev and Donna. In 1960 they moved to Hazelbridge where Alan was employed as a grain buyer until 1964.

In October 1964, Alan and Doris moved to Transcona, where Alanwas employed inthe trucking industry, until 1974, at which time he was employed by Dept. of Highways until the present time.

Bill lives in Elmwood, Bev and Donna are at home.


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