Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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In his early years, Fred Aikenhead farmed in the Wellwood district. During World War I, he moved into the Freeland district in 1915, to farm S.E. 20-13-15 (now owned by D. Hockin). In 1919 he left and took up storekeeping in Glenella for the next five years. Going back to the same farm, he and his wife, Elin, remained there until July 1943 when they returned to Wellwood to farm S 29-12- 14.

They retired in 1961, having sold their farm to John and Eleanor Schneider, and moved to Carberry. When illhealth plagued them, they chose to move to a rest home in Winnipeg to be near their daughters, Denyse and Darien. They have eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Mrs.

Aikenhead resides at the Golden Door Geriatric Centre in Winnipeg.

Fred''s favorite sports were curling and bowling.

He and his wife, who was a nurse, were active in many community affairs at Oberon and Wellwood.

They owned N 16-13-15 at one time. The present owner is Dan Mack. Their daughter, Denyse, attended Auburn School from 1941 to 1943.


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