Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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On February 21, 1880 William Henry Allan took out a homestead entry on the S.E. 12-13-17 and farmed it and the quarter south of it, N.E. 1-13-17 until April 17, 1919 when he sold them.

Henry Allan married Janet Robertson (a sister of Barbara McKee). Their oldest daughter Jessie married John Allan,Agnes married Lome MacIntosh and moved to Calgary, Susan married Les Lester and lived at Empress, Alberta, and the youngest, Sarah, married Dave Ernest. They farmed at Brookdale for a while and then moved to Cordova where they raised a family of five sons and three daughters. Sarah Ernest is now living in East View Lodge.

Henry and Janet Allan retired to Brookdale in 1919. Henry lived until he was 80. Janet stayed on for a while but went to live with her daughter Jessie in her later years. She celebrated her 98th birthday with her family on October 5, 1955.


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