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Brookdale Manitoba History

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In 1878 WilliamAlexander Sr., from Portage la Prairie, acquired his homestead, S.E. 21-12-15, and pre-empted N.E. 21-12-15,land now owned by Mac Mikkelsen and Roy Baker. His son, WilliamJr., was born here in June 1880, and spent most of his lifein this district.

Ethel Arbuckle was born in April 1884 in Fitzroy Twp., Carleton County, Ontario. In the spring of 1889she came with her parents, Sam and Isabella Arbuckle, and the rest of the family, to her Uncle William Graham''s farm W. 27-12-15. Mr.

Graham had purchased the land from James Haskett the previous year. Sam Arbuckle then bought the farm from his uncle paying $5000 for the half section.

In 1903, William Jr., married Ethel Arbuckle, the Rev. T.C. Court performing the ceremony in Carberry.

William and Ethel Alexander had a family of five children: Merle, Forrest, Percy and Glenn (twins), and Laura.

Merle was born in 1907, on N.E. 24-13-15, on the west side of the C.N.R, near the V-junction, as it was called. Her father had built a house of boards and tar paper - small but comfortable.

Later they moved to S.W. 15-13-15 (now owned by J. Jakubowski Sr.), where Forrest was born in 1911.

In 1912 they bought the Morgan May farm, E.

33-12-15, where Percy and Glenn the twins, were born in 1913_ In 1917 they purchased N. 28-12-15, from a Frank May, who had arrived at Oberon in 1909, but was no relation to the Morgan May family. Laura, the youngest of the Alexander family was born and raised on this farm.

Three generations of Alexanders attended the Auburn School through the years: William and his wife Ethel in the 1880''s and 1890''s; their children: Merle, Forrest, Percy, Glenn and Laura, from 1914 to 1936; and lastly, Forrest''s children: Diane Dearl and Sheila, from 1947 to 1963. " In the summer of 1940, the government bought the whole section 28-12-15, and made an airport for an emergency landing field. After the war ended, the former owners (Alexander and Baker), were given first chance to reclaim the land which they did.

In 1946, the Alexander farm was sold to Joe Jakubowski, and the folks retired to Neepawa.

Wm. Alexander passed away in December 1958, and his wife, Ethel, in February 1968.

Merle married George Chisholm in 1935, and they moved to the old Arbuckle farm, N.W. 27-12- 15, which had been purchased a few years before by her father, Wm. Alexander. After their retirement from farming in 1970, the land was rented out to Vince Martin who is still working it. George was a great lover of horses, and drove a team of twins for years. George passed away in August 1984 and Merle took up residence in the Carberry Senior Citizen''s Lodge that fall. Their farm has been in the family since 1888.

Forrest married Margaret McIntosh in June 1936, and they lived in a house that had been moved that spring from the C.N.R diamond at the Munroe Siding, and relocated in the village of Oberon.

Forrest was a grain buyer for the Ogilvie Grain Co., and Manitoba Pool Elevators, for about 47 years in all. He started working occasionally at the elevator for Jim Olstead in 1926; then in 1931 he took over the elevator duties retiring in July 1974. He had worked for three generations of grain haulers.

Forrest and Margaret spent many years as caretakers of the school, rink, church, and hall.

Later, Margaret worked at Fox Memorial Hospital in Carberry from 1968 until her retirement in September 1985. They raised a family of three: Diane (1942), Dearl (1946), and Sheila (1949), all of whom attended Brookdale High School.

Diane married Dave Edgar in Calgary in November 1969. They have one son, Jeffrey, born in 1971. Both Diane and Dave worked in banks from Alberta to Ontario for many years. They are presently residing in Burlington, Ontario.

After completing high school, Dearl began his training at the Royal Roads Military College at Victoria in 1964. He graduated in May 1966, and was stationed at the Kingston Royal Military College.

He graduated with honours there in May 1968.

Then he left for Germany in 1971, where he spent four years. In September 1969, Dearl married a L.P.N., Sharon Magalas of Dauphin. They have a family of two: Christa, born in 1977, and Jason, born in 1979. Dearl is still with the Canadian Armed Forces in Ottawa, working in the Air Traffic Control Dept.

Sheila, the youngest, married Norman Davidson of Summerville in October 1971, in the Oberon United Church. That was the last wedding to be performed there. They have three girls: Tracey (1974), Cheryl (1976), and Dana (1981). Sheila trained to be a L.P.N., in 1967 to 1969 and still nurses part time at Fox Memorial Hospital in Carberry. Norman keeps busy with his farming operations N. 17-11-15, in Summerville district.

Glenn Alexander married Renee White of Neepawa in 1934, and they had one son, Gary.

Glenn and his twin brother Percy, played on the Oberon hockey team for many years. Glenn, who had lived in the George Chisholm yard for the last few years of his life, died in July 1981.

Percy was serving in the RC.A.F., during W.W.II, when he married a teacher, Kay Brock of Winnipeg, in 1942. After leaving the services, he and his wife continued to live at the west coast with Percy working in a garage business and Kay occupied with her teaching duties. Both are retired now and living at Richmond, B.C. They have a daughter, Peggy, who is now Mrs. J. Nixon residing in B.C.

In April 1943, Laura married Delbert Watts who served overseas in W.W.II in the Signal Corps of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa. After his return in 1946, he and Laura bought an airport building which was moved to its present site in 1947 and converted into a very comfortable home. In 1951 they purchased S.E. 33-12-15 from Harry Byram and rented N.E. 33-12-15 until 1953 when they became the owners.

Del was keenly interested in registered swine.

In October 1961, he won the Grand Champion boar award, and the Reserve Grand Champion Honors in the gilt class at the Brandon Fall Sheep and Swine Show. He won many other awards through the years.

He served as secretary-treasurer of Auburn School from 1958 to 1967. He passed away suddenly in March 1972. Laura then rented the land to the Poole brothers for two years. In the winter of 1974 she sold the farm to Larry Jakubowski.

After Del''s death, Laura began working at the Osborne Senior Citizens'' Home in Neepawa in October 1972. She retired in December 1984, and still lives in her home at the junction of Hwy. 5 and Hwy.353.


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