Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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home farm in 1927. They remained on the farm until 1952, when they sold, moved to Brookdale and purchased the house that Grandpa Ames had built in 1928. They enlarged and remodeled it. Dad and mom were caretakers of the Brookdale School from 1954 to 1964, and in their spare time helped at our farm at Reston.

While dad and mom were farming they worked three quarter sections of land first with horses, then in 1937 dad purchased a Case tractor on steel lugs which a few years later he converted to rubber. The change was like going from a bed with a straw mattress to a bed with a feather tick, pure heaven. I spent many hours around the yard and in the fields with dad both as a hindrance and a help. In 1940 dad and Clair Jardine, purchased a combine an Oliver pull-type.

I took all my schooling in Brookdale, which was a consolidated school district. This meant travelling 10 to 14 miles one way just to get to school when we actually lived only five miles from Brookdale. Our mode of transportation was by horse drawn covered sleighs in winter, early spring by wagon box on rubber tires if we were lucky, and car in summer.

In September of 1951 I started my nurses'' training for a Licensed Practical Nurse, in Winnipeg, and in December of that year went to Carman Hospital to continue my training graduating in August 1952. In April of 1953 I went to nurse in Reston, where I met my husband, Jim Walker. We were married in November 1955. InOctober 1958 our son Douglas was born at Reston, and in June 1964, Deborah was born in Redvers, Saskatchewan.

We farmed on Jim''s home farm at Reston for 15 years, then moved to Reston in 1977, and to Brandon in 1980, where we both work. Our son Douglas and his wife Bev (Learmonth, of the Medora area) live at Gillam, Manitoba. Deborah now lives in Brandon, also mom, comfortable, happy and in good health in Lawson Lodge, Brandon.

Dad passed away in 1985.


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