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HARBURN 5.0.1313

Harburn School No. 1313 was formed in 1908 when the first Brookdale School located on 24-12- 16 was closed and moved to the town of Brookdale.

Harburn School was built on the southeast corner of 14-12-16 and opened in 1910 to accommodate the children of the area.

Frasers, Gowans, Boles, Clarks were some of the children who attended the Harburn School.

It was quite a modern school even boasting a telephone at one time, which sometimes proved to be more of a nuisance than a blessing. Some of the teachers'' names were: Miss Donkin, Miss Patterson, Miss Cullum and lastly Jessie Rogers of Carberry.

The teachers boarded with the Ken Boles family. By 1915 some of the families had moved from the district leaving few children for the Harburn School.

It was closed and the district consolidated with Brookdale. The building was bought by a group of Ingelow young people and moved, using teams of horses, to the Ingelow village.

It served as a hall at Ingelow where social evenings and dances were held and many were the good times enjoyed there when the men paid 25 The hall was bought by Brookdale''s Good Neighbors in 1978 with the idea of moving it to Brookdale and building onto it, for a Drop-In Centre. It was later decided to build a completely new centre, so the old school was demolished and the lumber sold. Several who attended the Harburn School are still living - Eva Ford (Boles), Wm.

Evans and Charlotte Gray (Boles).


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