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Brookdale Manitoba History

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Aaron Baker was born in Arron Township, Ontario in April 1876, and received his education at Elsinore, Ontario. In 1900, he went to Southampton, Ontario and was a partner in the Eby and Baker Sash and Door Factory. In June 1902, he married Marion Maud Kerr who was born in June, 1883 in Bruce County, Ontario, daughter of the late William Kerr and Lucy (Hunt) Kerr. While in Ontario, Mr. and Mrs. Baker had a daughter, Florence, born in 1903 and died in 1906, one son, who died in infancy, and another son, Lloyd, born in 1907. In 1908, Mr. Baker came west on the harvest excursion and was employed at the Murphy Ranch at Oberon.

In 1909, Mr. and Mrs. Baker and son Lloyd moved from Southampton, Ontario to Oberon, where Mr. Baker was hired as foreman and Mrs.

Baker as cook at the Murphy Ranch. While there, there was a daughter born, who died in infancy, another daughter, Dorothy, born in 1913, and another son, Roy, born in 1916. Mr. and Mrs. Baker worked at the Murphy Ranch until 1917, when the family moved to the Holdershaw farm which they rented for three years. In 1921, they bought S 28-12- 15 from R. Burnett.

Mr. Baker served on the Auburn school board, the Oberon Church board, and was a faithful member of the Oberon Church choir. He loved to sing, was fond of sports, enjoyed curling, and was active in all community affairs. Mrs. Baker was a life member of the Oberon W.A. and W.M.S. Society and took a very active part in community affairs.

She enjoyed curling, quilting bees, W.M.S. meetings and her church.

In 1940, the Federal Government bought their land for part of an airfield. In 1941, Mrs. Baker bought NE 21-12-15, from Mrs. Belinda Servant.

She later sold this quarter section to her son, Roy.

In 1946, Mr. and Mrs. Baker reclaimed S 28-12-15 from the Federal Government and in 1947 built a new home on the property.

Mr. and Mrs. Baker celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in June 1952, at their home at Oberon, where they spent the remainder of their lives. Mr. Baker passed away in July, 1956. Mrs.

Baker lived on in her own home until she passed away in November, 1959. In their retirement years, they both enjoyed fairly good health, a few trips, their family and their grandchildren.

Dorothy Maud Dorothy Baker was born November 1913, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Baker. She received her education at Auburn School, and in her growing up years enjoyed skating, curling, and dancing in her home community of Oberon. She was a member of the Oberon United Church choir, and a member of the Rainbow Girls'' Club.

In 1935, she married William S. Byram, Oberon storekeeper, and they owned and operated the store for many years. Of this union were born two sons, Roy Keith in 1936, and Edwin Stuart in 1946.

Both Bill and Dorothy were active in church and community events. Dorothy was a member of the Oberon W.A. and W.M.S. Society. In the late fall of 1946, Billand Dorothy sold their store to Brawn and Hall. That same fall the Byrams bought and moved to the former Donald Carmichael farm - E 9-13-15, where they farmed. In the spring of 1948, Dorothy died of a severe heart attack.


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