Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Lloyd Baker was born in February of 1907, in Southampton, Ontario, son of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Baker. He came west as a child with his parents to the Oberon community in 1909. He received his education at Auburn School. He spent most of his life farming in the Oberon area. He was a member of Oberon United Church, and a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge in Neepawa. He served on the Oberon Elevator board and was interested and active in community events. He enjoyed reading and curling and motor trips.

In 1944, he bought W 33-12-15.

In November of 1945, he married Dorothy Parsons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lou Parsons of Neepawa, and they lived on Lloyd''s farm at Oberon.

In January, 1959, Dorothy died of cancer. Lloyd carried on farming and in February, 1961, he married Mrs. Marybelle Graham of Carberry. They farmed until 1974. In June of that year, Lloyd suffered a very severe heart attack. In the spring of 1975, Lloyd sold his farm to Joe Jakubowski Jr. and Lloyd and Marybelle retired to live in Carberry.

Lloyd enjoyed reasonable good health for a few years and passed away October 1, 1983. His wife, Marybelle still resides in Carberry.


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