Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Roy Baker was born August 1916, the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Baker. He received his education at Auburn School and in his youth enjoyed skating, curling and playing hockey at the Oberon rink. He has farmed in the Oberon area all his life. He very often helped his brother-in-law Bill Byram by working with him in his store at Oberon.

In October, 1945, he married Bernice Mitchell, daughter of the late Robert J. Mitchell of the Douglas area and Mrs. Alma Mitchell, resident of the Personal Care Home in Carberry. After their marriage, they bought N.E. 21-12-15 from Mrs.

Aaron Baker, and have resided there since.

Roy and Bernice had two sons, Kenneth, born in August, 1946, and Roderick, born in March, 1950.

They also had two daughters, Lois, born in November, 1953, and Katherine born in February, 1956. The children all received their elementary education at Auburn School, and they, with their parents have taken part in their home district and strived for community betterment.

Roy was a member of the Oberon United Church, he served for a short time on the manse board of the Oberon - Mentmore - Brookdale church circuit, on the Oberon rink board, and was a trustee on the Auburn School Board for a few years until it closed to amalgamate with Carberry School in 1967.

Roy and Bernice are still residing on their farm in the Oberon area.

Lois Marion Lois Baker was born to Roy and Bernice Baker in November, 1953. She received her elementary education at Auburn School. She took grade nine at Unity Collegiate at Brookdale and the remainder of her high school education at Carberry, and graduated in 1970. She was always active in her home community, and enjoyed skating, curling, and dancing at the local village. Her interest included dressmaking, tailoring, and macrame. After high school, she went to Saskatoon where she trained as a dental assistant and then worked in Winnipeg in a dental office.

In April, 1973 she married Brian Dennis Harburn, youngest son of Mrs. and Mrs. Allan Harburn of Carberry, and they moved to Calgary, Alberta, where she continued in her career for another year. They returned to Carberry for two years and then went back to Calgary where they have resided since. Lois and Brian have two daughters, Shanon Tenille, born October 1976, and Heather Kyla, born February 1979.

Katherine Ruth Katherine Baker was born in February 1956, the youngest child of Roy and Bernice Baker. She received her elementary education at Auburn School, and her grade seven and eight in Carberry Elementary School. She also received her high school education in Carberry. She graduated in 1973. In her years of growing up and going to school, Kathy, as everyone knows her was very active in her home community. She loved fun and sports, her main interests being skating, curling, volleyball and dancing. After graduation, Kathy lived and worked in Brandon.

In May, 1976, she married Ronald Brent Drysdale, second son of Clare and Greta Drysdale of the Harte Community. After their marriage they lived on S.E. 28-12-15. In November 1977 their daughter, Jennifer Adelle was born, and in May 1980, they had a son, Michael Brent. Ron and Kathy and their family now live on S.W. 16-12-15, where they farm.


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