Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Matheson School opened in 1905 on the northeast corner of 351117 and served children from the north Douglas, west Ingelow and south Creeford area. The Matheson family lived a mile from the school - hence the name. The school was open until 1920. Two families moved away at that time and not enough pupils remained to operate the school. They went to the Ingelow School when the Matheson School was closed. In 1938 there were again enough pupils to open the school and it remained open until 1945. The building was bought by Hookes and used for grain storage. The building still stands.

Christmas concerts were held in the school and the grounds used for ball games in summer.

Many enjoyable times were had in the school with Wallace Blair and Dave McKeand providing violin music for dancing.

Some of the Matheson teachers were: Myrtle Dunsmore, Alice Findley, Eva Mitchell, Myrtle Byram, Jessie Smith, Anne Wilman, Mrs. Lillian Mitchell, Stanley Fee and Merle Gillespie (Mrs. J.

McKeand). Some of the families who went to Matheson School were Smiths, Mitchells, Hookes, Doaks, and Gillespies.


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