Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Thomas Trotter Ballantyne was born about 1835 in Nova Scotia. His wife, Naomi (Alexander) Ballantyne, was born in 1849.

Trotter went to California from Nova Scotia when he was 15. He worked in the gold fields for a few years and made some money. His grandson, Lisle, still has a nugget keepsake. Then Trotter started eastward, working on railroad bridges in the United States and finally reaching New York. He eventually started buying and gathering cattle in the Dakotas, making several trips as far north as Manitoba before the railroad was built. He shipped cattle to Britain by boat, making some 20 trips overseas. He married late in life and he and Naomi raised six children at Hensall (Exeter), Huron County, Ontario. After poor years in the cattle business the family moved to Manitoba about 1900 and by 1908 were living on the Wannop place (N.E.

36-12-17) west of Brookdale. The young Ballantynes went regularly to the Moore Park rink to skate.

Tom, the youngest member of the family, attended Norman School and completed grade eight there.

The Ballantyne home was the boarding place for ministers serving rural missions in the area in the early days. A Rev. Watson stayed there and rode horseback to his appointments, two of which were Cree ford and Moore Park Presbyterian church services.

It would be 1910 or possibly later, when Mr.

and Mrs. Ballantyne and those members of their family still at home, moved to the farm east of Brookdale on 32-12-16. Naomi, the mother died on January 9, 1920, and Trotter died on January 2, 1926. Both are buried in Carberry.

The following is a summary of the family members: The eldest of the family, Adeline Etta, was born on September 20, 1877 at Hensall, Ontario, came west with the family and lived at home all her life. She and her brother, Pete, farmed east of Brookdale. (See the Pete and Etta Ballantyne history). The second child, Gertrude Annabell, was a seamstress. She went to Vancouver about 1905 where she married a Mr. Gatenby, and had one son, Lisle. She died in 1964. Peter Alexander Ballantyne was born in 1884 and came west with the family when in his teens. (See the Pete and Etta Ballantyne history). Oliver Mowatt grew up in Manitoba. He owned and operated several hardware stores and trucking companies in Alberta and in Victoria, B.C.

Mowatt married but had no children. He died in Victoria in 1943. Ellula Blanche, trained as a bookkeeper, worked in Edmonton, then moved to Vancouver where she retired in 1950. She died in Vancouver in 1967. Thomas Hugh, the youngest, grew up in the Brookdale area. He became a u.G.G. grain buyer working at Brookdale, Cordova and Decker. In the meantime he met and married Vina; they had no family. At the time of his retirement in 1952, Tom was the Eastern Superintendent for U.G.G. He died in Victoria on March 3, 1973.


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