Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Thomas Arthur Becker (Art) was born in Elgin, Manitoba. He moved to Kelwood, Manitoba with his parents at an early age and lived there until going into business for himself.

I (Noreen Violet Wylie) was born in Miami, Manitoba. This was my mother''s home town and her maiden name is Hanna. We moved to St. Vital, Manitoba and spent several years there. My dad died when I was quite young. Mom (Violet) is living in Winnipeg and enjoying all her grandchildren and great ones. As for my job, I did part time work at the Bay in Winnipeg and then went to McDonald Aircraft (at the airport) to work in the Fabric Department during the war. I met Art through a good friend of his, Fred Hodgkinson, who also worked at McDonald''s before joining the airforce.

We were married in 1943 and lived in Souris.

Before Art joined the airforce and was married, he owned a store business in Plumas. He had several years of experience in that field growing up with a business background from his parents, A.e.

and Ruby Becker who once owned a store in Kelwood, Manitoba.

After the war was over, Art and Noreen and their son Ken moved to Brookdale in 1945. Art bought the Red and White store from Dankesreiter.

The telephone and post office were also in the building along with groceries, dry goods, etc. There was no electricity and gas lamps were used. Art made several changes. One, the telephone office moved to their own building. Electricity was in Brookdale the following year making it easier for everyone. A three piece band was formed including Art playing the violin. My memories are of good times amongst the people of Brookdale. One winter the roads were completely blocked with snow. No traffic at all, only horse and cutter and the train. We had two more sons. Gerry was born in 1947 and Bob in 1952. Art sold the store to e.G. Graham in 1952. We moved to Kelwood for two months then to Dauphin which was our home for 27 years.

Art was a traveller for Brooke Bond Foods Ltd.

He travelled 26 years for the company giving everyone his best friendly service. He was well liked amongst his customers. We also enjoyed our home in Dauphin. When Art retired in 1978, his health was not very good so we decided to move to Kelowna in 1980 where the winters were a little milder. Art died with dignity March 14, 1981. I am still living in Kelowna, B.e.

Our sons Ken, Gerry, Bob and their wives live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Art''s mother Ruby lives in Neepawa, his brother Ed in Brandon, his sister Marguerite in Ottawa. There are also seven grandchildren.


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