Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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In 1874, Richard and Mary Bee of England had a son, Charles, the youngest of three boys. Shortly after his birth, Charles'' mother died, and in 1877, the Bee family moved to Canada to Mariposa County, Ontario. There his father remarried, and there were three more children born of this union.

In 1889, the lure of the west beckoned, and Charles and his uncle, Uriah Cann, came to the Sidney district.

In 1905, Charles married Lillie Maud Brown at Sidney, and they moved to their new home at W 4·13·15, land they had purchased from a settler named Doak. They lived there and farmed the land until 1913, at which time they sold out and moved to Toronto, where Charles went market gardening with his brother Bill. In 1914 they returned to Carberry and resided there until spring when they moved to Winnipeg. Sometime between 1914 and 1916, the purchaser of the farm defaulted, and the land came back into Charles'' name. The farm was rented out until 1918 when it was decided that the family would farm it. So between 1918 and 1928, it was back and forth between Winnipeg and Oberon, living on the farm in the summer, and in the city in the winter. During these years, five children were born to Charles and Lillie Bee: Cecil - 1907.

Edythe - 1908, William - 1910, Horace - 1914, and Clinton - 1918.

In 1938, Charles bought N 7-13-15, where two of his sons, Horace and Clinton were eventually to farm. In 1939, Clinton enlisted in the R.e.A.F., and served until 1946. He was posted overseas in England, France, and Germany. After discharge, he worked in Ontario for a short while before returning home to farm with his brother Horace. Cecil began working at Elgin, and then started a career that lasted 15 years at Swifts, Neepawa plant. He still lives in Neepawa at 337 Elm Street, in the house Charles Bee bought in 1942 as a retirement home when his son William was married and lived on W 4-13-15. Charles Bee died in 1961 and Lillie Maud in 1962.

William and Helen Bee (McKay) were married in May, 1942, and a son, George was born September 29, 1943. They farmed in the Oberon district until 1974 when the land was taken over by their only son, George, who married Jane Robinson on November 2,1985. Helen Bee passed away in 1978.

In 1982, William Bee moved to Neepawa to Kinsmen Kourts. Horace and Clinton Bee still live on N 7-13- 15, and are both still actively farming. Edythe Henderson (Bee) lives in the Eastview Lodge in Neepawa.


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